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(2022, Worksheep Studio)

Kipu is a luxury chauffeur in a dark city, where the streets are full of cars and black cats. After he accidentally runs over the entire family of a little cat called Suruaika, Kipu adopts her and does all he can to keep her safe. As Kipu’s love for Suruaika grows, so does her body, and the streets become more and more crowded with black cats, new victims for countless little tragedies.


Audience Award, Animest IAFF, București 2022

Special Mention – Short film jury, Dracula IFF, Brașov 2022


Festival Selections:

Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, Bristol, UK, 2022

Oudeis IFF, Roma, Italia, 2022

Minimalen SFF, Trondheim, Norvegia, 2023

Tampere IFF, Finlanda, 2023

Katharsis IFF 2023 (online fest)

Directed by: Vlad Ilicevici & Radu C. Pop

Animation & Visuals: Alex Minciună, Silviu Matei aka Dez, Doru Mărgărit, Raul Lile, Radu Popovici, Laura Comănescu, Alina Cavadia, Eduard Gheorghe,  Matei Băcanu

Sound Design: Andrei “Coty” Cotârță

Music by: Orkid

with Micutzu Cosmin Nedelcu as the voice of Kipu