How do I apply for
Animation Worksheep?

To apply for the next Animation Worksheep, keep your eyes peeled for the next open registration period.

During the registration period, send the following to our e-mail address:


Show us your chops in the fields of animation, illustration, 3D modelling, sculpture, set design etc. Send us whatever you believe professional animators might be interested to look at. It's the best tool you have for getting us (and any other professional) to know you before meeting you in person.


A comprehensive resume is a good summary for your past professional experience. Don't stress out about the formatting, we like any type of CV - Europass, standard text or custom designed CVs are all welcome.

Letter of intent

We're interested in your skills, but your personality matters to us at least as much. Send us your sincerest thoughts about why you believe animation is for you and why you believe Animation Worksheep is the place for you to blossom into a full-fledged animator.