Animation Worksheep I

- 2011 -

The first edition of Animation Worksheep – the animation workshop presented by the International Animation Festival Anim’est – brought together 13 young Romanian animators from all over the country to Bran, between April 4th – 7th. The trainers, Sergiu Negulici, Dan Panaitescu and Dragoș Ștefan coordinated and helped develop several animated shorts during the two week workshop. The shorts were based on scripts developed by the participants.

Frame-by-frame animation, claymation, stop motion, rotoscope, cut out, 3D, Flash, backgrounds made of wood, cardboard, or created in post-production… the Animation Worksheep participants experimented with many different types of animation, and the results, according to them, surpassed all their expectations. 

The eleven shorts were showcased during the opening and closing galas of the 2011 Anim’est at Patria Cinema. 


Dan Panaitescu


Dragoș Ștefan


Sergiu Negulici


Vlad Ilicevici